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Choose an initial dance from Salsa, West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing or other first level ballroom or country dances.  Take a private lesson with one of our instructors and  learn dance as a language as you see how much more you can learn when training 1 on 1 (or couple) with a teacher.   

Continuing with our school system will introduce you to our warm and friendly school community as you first work to complete your 101 level  where you gain a fundamental understanding and use of your primary dance which allows you to dance at a fun social level at parties and outings.   

Paths that you may choose from that point might include performing in Showcases (student shows), competing in dance competitions, or simply just becoming an awesome dancer and enjoying life as you get to know the dance community both in the school and across the city.


Choose a Class to Receive Free Admission To:  

Musicality: The Dancer's Secret Weapon (All Levels) 

Mondays @ 8pm

Discover how good dancers use music and become the ultimate freestyle dancer before applying it to your couples dancing.   Learn the three core concepts and you'll suddenly start seeing those concepts in movies, commercials, music videos and dance performances everywhere you look from AGT to World of Dance! 

Bachata SOLO Choreography Class 

Mondays @ 9pm

Learn an exciting solo Bachata routine and develop new movements, isolations and arm stylings.  This class may lead to a performance team.


Thursdays @ 8:00pm

For Brand New Dancers, learn the basic rhythms and the shape of Salsa or Bachata taught solo style so you don't need a partner to learn.  

La Style SALSA / Bachata Moderna (intermediate) 

Thursdays @ 8:30pm

Experienced Dancers Only!  Join us Mondays for LA Style Salsa (salsa on 1) classes that push the envelope as you explore new moves, cool concepts, add shines and musicality, and delve into what makes the dances come alive.  

You should have a working use of Salsa and Bachata before taking this class.

Note: Free Class Offered to New Students Only

How Does Chicago Dance Factory Work?

Most students at Chicago Dance Factory are on monthly memberships that include a weekly private, access to group classes, practice sessions, invitations to members only parties, outings, trips, cruises and more!  

Member students are taught dance as a language.  Learning the "Biomechanical Language" gives students the ability to dance with other dancers across Chicago and around the world even if they don't speak the same verbal language.

Students first focus on learning to "speak" the basics of one of our core social dances with the goal of having a functional use of the dance and then joining the school for outings, social dances, parties and even national dance events.  Students may then decide if they want to pursue competition, performance, teacher training, or even just becoming the favorite dancer at dance parties.

What dances are available?

Chicago Dance Factory teaches most of the major dances used in the Chicago Dance Community including Salsa, Bachata, West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, Lindy, Tango, Waltz, Rumba, Cha Cha, Country Two Step, Night Club Two, and more!


Private Lesson Teaching times are 11am to 10pm Mondays through Thursdays.

Location: 219 W. St. Charles Road, Villa Park, IL  60181  ph. 630-410-1010

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